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Understanding Why Your Case Calls for a Family Law Attorney

If you are contemplating the idea of divorce or even legal separation, it might not be your first instinct to involve an attorney. Many couples assume that their ability to amicably resolve the issues that come about as a marriage is officially ended or "put on hold," negates the need for a family law attorney. This, however, could not be further from the truth. In fact, couples who don't take advantage of the knowledge that an experienced lawyer can bring to the table are at risk of developing additional issues beyond those that first incited the need for divorce or separation.

As Glendale divorce attorneys, the legal team at The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax has seen situations similar to that which is described above. Our professional careers span more than two decades, during which time we have seen couples both succeed and fail in their attempts to dissolve a marriage amicably. It is the couples who seek our assistance early on that often experience the most amicability and success in their endeavors to dissolve the marriage. Experienced in our field, we can quickly step in and help to resolve issues of child custody and concerns regarding property division. When it's too important to wait, we are here to offer our unyielding professional support to the clients who seek help from our firm.

About the Glendale Community

As of 2010, the United States Census Bureau statistics reported that the city of Glendale hosts a population of 191,719 residents, making it the third largest city in the Los Angeles County. In the state of California, the city of Glendale is recognized as the 22nd largest city in the state. Some statistics suggest that more than half of Glendale's population is married, but this does not account for the number of separated and divorced couples in the area.

In a community where married life is prevalent, the potential for divorce must be taken into consideration. At every age group, a marriage can dissolve, and the issues that need to be addressed before the dissolution can be finalized should be handled by no one other than a legal professional. As your custodial rights are decided, and your need for spousal support is established, having a Glendale attorney on your side can make all the difference.

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Modifying a Divorce Agreement

At The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax, our professional focus is not limited to the process of completing a divorce in the Glendale area. As professionals who've worked in the field of family law for well over 30 years, we are intimately in tune with the fact that the conditions of a divorce extend far beyond the terms that are established upon the initial dissolution of a marriage. For many couples, the child support payments, visitation agreements, and custodial rights that are determined at the time of a divorce do not accurately meet the needs of each spouse—and their respective children—months or years after the divorce has been finalized.

Modifications to your divorce decree can be solidified under the guidance of a professional at our office. Here, our legal knowledge extends beyond that which is needed to initially end a marriage, also addressing the issues and concerns that could arise long after the marriage has been officially dissolved. When an ex-spouse comes to our office voicing concern about their inability to pay an existing spousal support agreement, or their dissatisfaction with the current child visitation rights allotted to them, we can review the circumstances of their case and identify whether or not grounds for modification exist.

There are many types of modification from child support modification to spousal support modification and even visitation modification At The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax, we are proud to offer our professional services to residents of Glendale who are seeking any one of these types of modifications. We recognize that circumstances such as job loss, illness, or the needs of your children could significantly impact your ability to financially contribute in the same way you were able to at the time that your divorce agreement was established. Therefore, we aim to accommodate these changes by helping you secure a modification that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Personal Accessibility Designed to Fit Your Needs

When you choose to work with the professionals at our office, you will be working with a legal team whose sole focus is aimed at getting you where you need to be as quickly as possible. Our philosophy is that when it's too important to wait, we can help you take action today. To accommodate residents in Glendale who are looking for professional advice about divorce, adoption, move-away cases, or anything else, we provide a free case evaluation form on our site. By responding to only a few questions, you will be providing us with the information that we need to address each of your personal issues with a unique plan that is designed specifically to fit your needs.

The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax can be reached toll-free at (818) 839-2533, as well as online via email or the online consultation form mentioned above. The practice of family law and divorce in Southern California can be complicated, and is best conducted under the guidance of a legal professional whose experience can account for the wants and needs of your specific situation. Our experience, knowledge, and skill are ready to be put to work for you, and the testimonials of our past clients attest to the successes that we are capable of in our legal practice. Contact a Glendale family lawyer at our office today.

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