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Facing a divorce Fighting for custody? Looking to adopt? Dealing with domestic violence These are highly sensitive questions, from which some might shy away; however, at The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax, this is not the case. Our Woodland Hills divorce attorneys have spent the past 30 years (and beyond) fearlessly offering the care and support that persons who facing any of these circumstances need.

Rather than stick to the surface-level conditions that are experienced as a divorce is brought underway, we instead tackle the deep-seated problems that have caused consternation, concern, and / or upset in your family. Specifically, our efforts are aimed at helping clients resolve their legal issues as directly as possible, which means that we pay close attention to the personal needs of our clients, as these can affect their legal needs as well.

At The Law Office of Cutter & Lax, our experience spans over two decades. The number of clients that we've represented in our 30+ years of experience have contacted for our services regarding a wide range of services, from paternity issues to move-away cases and everything in between. Here, our services are not limited to the cases we've handled in the past, but to the specific needs of the clients that we are representing now. Therefore, we encourage residents in Woodland Hills and throughout the San Fernando Valley to contact us for the professional advice and support that they need, when they need it most.

Information About the District of Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is a district within the city of Los Angeles. Located in the southwestern part of the San Fernando Valley, the district is encompassed by West Hills, Winnetka, Canoga Park, Malibu, and Topanga. With a population of approximately 70,000, the area's population growth has grown sense the reports that were issued by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000, at which time there were 67,006 residents living in the area.

The district of Woodland Hills is locally governed by the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood council, which acts as the advisory body to the larger city of Los Angeles. Under its jurisdiction are residents in the areas of Woodland Hills and Warner Center. Professional government officials, however, are not the ones who are responsible for cases of divorce, separation, and other matters of family law in the area of Woodland Hills. Therefore, it is important to seek the representation of an attorney at our firm, where our practice is specially tailored to residents of this area.

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Do the terms of your divorce still work for you?

The agreements that are made at the time that a divorce is finalized are meant to reflect the needs and living conditions of each spouse at that particular time. Before a marriage can be officially dissolved, key decisions regarding the spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, property division and more must be made. In some cases, this can be a tedious process, especially when the divorcing couple is unable to agree upon these issues on their own. Fortunately, a spouse that has chosen to work with an attorney at The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax can more easily settle into the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement under the knowledge that we have the skills needed to modify this agreement in the future if need be.

Modifications to a divorce agreement are sometimes essential, because the circumstances of one or both ex-spouses can dramatically change from the conditions that affected the original decisions what were made. For example, one spouse's job loss could prohibit them from continuing the spousal support that they had since been providing. Similarly, another spouse's promotion could afford them the luxury of no longer needing the alimony payments they had since been receiving. Conditions of this nature call for spousal support modifications, which an attorney at our office can help facilitate. There are several types of modifications, and the grounds for modification vary from case to case. Depending on circumstances that are personal to your unique case, you may require a child support modification, or even a visitation modification. We can review your case and help determine what would best suit your needs.

Personal Accessibility for Clients of Divorce & Family Law Cases

At The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax, we pride ourselves on the personal support and accessibility that we provide to the clients we represent. Not all law firms are committed to treating their clients as anything other than a case number. This is not how we operate. Here, our focus is steady, and our aim is clear: We strive to facilitate the most amicable way to complete the legal procedures involved in terminating a marriage, enacting a legal separation agreement, protecting against domestic violence, and assisting with annulment.

The services that we offer cater to the divorce and family needs of individuals throughout the Woodland Hills area. Therefore, people who are considering The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax for their legal representation can feel confident in their choice. Personally accessibly, professionally competent, and highly experienced in our field of practice, we are more than prepared to represent you in or out of the courtroom. From the most complicated cases to the most standard, we will treat you to the personalized service and professional principles that you both need and deserved. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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