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Blog Posts in August, 2013

The Term "Incompetent" in Regards to Guardianship

When a person is considered incompetent, he or she will typically be given a guardian. In traditional families, parents are always the guardians for incompetent individuals. In some cases, parents may ...
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Immigration Case in Texas Discusses Affidavits of Support and Divorce

When spouses are separated by immigration customs, American citizens have the right to file an affidavit of support on behalf of their spouses. This means if you are married to a Mexico native and ...
Continue reading "Immigration Case in Texas Discusses Affidavits of Support and Divorce" »

Intriguing Reasons for Divorce

Most of the time, people file divorce citing irreconcilable differences. This is a vague and broad reason, simply stating that the couple could not resolve their conflicts and as a result they chose ...
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Shakira Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Partner

The Colombian singer Shakira recently gained attention and press when she filed a complaint in the Bahamas against her ex-partner, Antonio de la Rua. She claims her ex took $6.7 million of her money ...
Continue reading "Shakira Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Partner" »

Study Says More Siblings Decreases Divorce Risk

A recent study published by the General Social Survey recently revealed that adults who grew up with more siblings often have a decreased probability for divorce in their own marriages in the future. ...
Continue reading "Study Says More Siblings Decreases Divorce Risk" »

Paramour Purchases: Can You Seek Reimbursement?

Paramour purchases are expenses paid to a lover or as a part of an extra-marital affair. For example, if a husband cheats on his wife and has to pay for hotel rooms, dinners out, and other costs for ...
Continue reading "Paramour Purchases: Can You Seek Reimbursement?" »

Tips to Make Back to School Less Stressful as a Co-Parent

Back to school time is always hectic, and if you are co-parenting with an ex-spouse this can add to the difficulty of the season. During back to school time, attorneys suggest that ex-spouses try to ...
Continue reading "Tips to Make Back to School Less Stressful as a Co-Parent" »

Emergency Contact Information and Parenting Issues

Your children are about to go back to school. If you are the non-custodial parent, then chances are that you did not handle any of the paperwork that is often included when it comes to back to school ...
Continue reading "Emergency Contact Information and Parenting Issues" »

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