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Shakira Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Partner

The Colombian singer Shakira recently gained attention and press when she filed a complaint in the Bahamas against her ex-partner, Antonio de la Rua. She claims her ex took $6.7 million of her money without her consent and she wants to be reimbursed for these costs. According to Fox News, the lawsuit was a filed back in October of 2012, but it was not made public until this past month. Shakira and her two companies, Carpe Diem and Light Productions, are all suing the man for all the money he allegedly stole plus interest. In addition, they will sue him for court costs associated with the lawsuit and compensation for the punitive damages from the man's error.

Details in the case show that Shakira accused her ex-partner of making off with a $3 million bond and another fund that was valued at almost one million dollars. As well, the man left with a credit card debt of $363,910 that he expected her to pay off. The singer also wants a return of $500,000 that were transferred from Carpe Diem without the singer's permission into a Bonds Cay real estate project. Shakira claims that she was never a partner in that business venture, and assumes that her ex used the money.

While not many couples have this much money on hand, money-stealing among ex-spouses is common. When a couple is married, it typically means that they share finances. The two are legally bound to share their property together. When they split, things can become complicated as the court determines which spouse gets what money. Sometimes, ex-partners or spouses will still have access to a their ex's finances, and will use this acces to their own advantage. If your ex-partner or spouse has attempted to take some of your money, you will want to get a Cutter & Lax San Fernando divorce attorney on your side. Hire the firm promptly for more information!

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