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Blog Posts in December, 2013

Unusual Divorce Plans That Need Dividing

Many divorce assets are easy and obvious to divide, but you may encounter some assets that are actually quite difficult to divide. When you run into these situations, you need to be prepared and have ...
Continue reading "Unusual Divorce Plans That Need Dividing" »

January is Divorce Month

January is considered divorce month, meaning that it is the month where individuals file the most divorces throughout the United States. There are many factors that may affect the decision to file for ...
Continue reading "January is Divorce Month" »

Christmas Restraining Order Enforcement

During the holidays, lonely ex-spouses may choose to head back to their ex's home to be a part of the Christmas festivities. If you believe that your ex is a threat, or would strongly prefer that ...
Continue reading "Christmas Restraining Order Enforcement" »

Can Gift Giving Be Parental Alienation?

Parents that purposefully compete with an ex-spouse in buying the best presents for the children may be participating in an illegal activity called parental alienation. The courts will typically value ...
Continue reading "Can Gift Giving Be Parental Alienation?" »

Taking Steps to a Painless Divorce

Are you preparing for a divorce? There are ways to make your divorce more amicable and less painful. First of all, you can do this by being proactive during your divorce and taking responsibility. You ...
Continue reading "Taking Steps to a Painless Divorce" »

Why January is Divorce Month

As the holidays approach, it may seem almost impossible to ruin the children's mood with the announcement of an impending divorce. That is why so many couples stick it out during the holidays and ...
Continue reading "Why January is Divorce Month" »

Landmark Property Division Case Concerns Couple's Dog

A miniature dachshund named Joey has been getting a lot of news coverage lately after the pup became the center of a matrimonial pet custody case. This case is taking place in New York City, but it ...
Continue reading "Landmark Property Division Case Concerns Couple's Dog" »

What to do with your House During a Divorce

Are you getting a divorce? Have you already made provisions for the marital home? Splitting property in your case may be one of the most complicated ordeals that you will face when you are trying to ...
Continue reading "What to do with your House During a Divorce" »

Do You Need to Reduce Your Child Support?

Do you need to reduce your child support? If so, then you will need to take a series of steps in order to accomplish this goal. First of all, you will need to locate your original court case number ...
Continue reading "Do You Need to Reduce Your Child Support?" »

The Four Types of California Child Custody

Are you trying to negotiate a custody plan for your children post-divorce? If so, there are four major plans that lawyers and courts tend to use when making this arrangement. Two of the plans have to ...
Continue reading "The Four Types of California Child Custody" »

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