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Blog Posts in July, 2013

Gay Marriage Legalized in California

After a five-year hiatus when Proposition 8 was voted into California Law, the government has struck down the proposition and has allowed gay marriage back into the state. Same-sex couples all ...
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The Main Reason for Divorce

There are a variety of different reasons why individuals fight, and a host of different reasons that couples will cite as the tipping point that caused their divorce. Yet the stars of Marriage Boot ...
Continue reading "The Main Reason for Divorce" »

Gay Marriage Still Difficult in the United States

With the end of the Defense of Marriage Act, individuals in states which allow gay marriage will now be able to collect federal benefits if they are in a homosexual marriage. Yet Business Insider ...
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Study Shows Divorce is Harder for Younger Children

If you are currently pondering divorce, or have already started the process, then you will want to consider what roll that this will have on your children. Research suggests that divorce can ...
Continue reading "Study Shows Divorce is Harder for Younger Children" »

Custody of Infants in Divorce

If you and your spouse have an infant child, then you will want a divorce attorney to help you as negotiate through the custody agreement for the child. If the child is breastfed, then chances are ...
Continue reading "Custody of Infants in Divorce" »

Infant Visitation Laws and Father's Rights

If your child is an infant, and you are the father, then you may be at a loss to secure custody of the child during your divorce. This has nothing to do with your capabilities of a parent or your ...
Continue reading "Infant Visitation Laws and Father's Rights" »

Creating a Non-Marital Contract

If you are living with a partner and would like to create some regulations for property and shared expenses, then you may want to create a non-marital contract. When a couple marries, they both give ...
Continue reading "Creating a Non-Marital Contract" »

The Basics of Minor Emancipation Law

In each state, the government has set an age of majority which is the age when children are considered to be adults. In most places, this age is set at 18. When a child reaches this age, he or she has ...
Continue reading "The Basics of Minor Emancipation Law" »

Divorce Due to Disability

According to The New York Times, the divorce rate is higher among the disabled then it is among those who are considered of sound mind and body. In many cases, a spouse will become physically or ...
Continue reading "Divorce Due to Disability" »

If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?

In most cases, when a spouse remarries you will no longer need to pay spousal support or alimony to support that individual. However, the courts may not terminate your obligatory payments right away. ...
Continue reading "If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?" »

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