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Blog Posts in June, 2013

The Benefits Keeping a Visitation Log

If you are divorced and your spouse has court-ordered visitation time with the children, then you have the right to monitor that visitation and determine whether or not times with your ex are ...
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Keep Track of Your Ex's Decisions for the Children

If your ex has primary custody of the children, or is the primary decision maker in a joint custody relationship for the children, then you will want to monitor those decisions closely. The choices ...
Continue reading "Keep Track of Your Ex's Decisions for the Children" »

Enforcing Child Support with a Deadbeat Spouse

Deadbeat spouses are those who fail to pay any court-ordered child or spousal support after a divorce. If these payments were required by the court, then a recipient spouse who has been cheated is ...
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Gray Divorce Facts

If you are currently going through a gray divorce, you are not alone. Gray divorces have increased quicker than any other area of divorce in the United States. In fact, data from 2009 shows that ...
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New Data Proves Gray Divorce is on the Rise

A study at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that more and more baby boomers are leaving their marriages in order to pursue retirement as a signal. The American Academy of Matrimonial ...
Continue reading "New Data Proves Gray Divorce is on the Rise" »

Murdoch Multibillionaire Divorce Could Be Costly

Rupert Murdoch is a multibillionaire that is the head of News Corporation. He recently announced that he is going to split from his third wife, Wendi Murdoch because the marriage has broken down into ...
Continue reading "Murdoch Multibillionaire Divorce Could Be Costly" »

How Divorce Can Affect an Immigration Status

If you are an immigrant who is divorcing a U.S. citizen shortly after marriage, then there may be special implications to your case that you will want to deal with. Divorce is the legal termination of ...
Continue reading "How Divorce Can Affect an Immigration Status" »

Father's Day and Father's Rights

Sunday is Father's Day and all across America children will be honoring their dads with cards and quality time together. If you are a father with shared custody of your children, then this could ...
Continue reading "Father's Day and Father's Rights" »

Divorce Litigation: Why You Need a San Fernando Divorce Attorney

Sometimes, couples can settle a divorce sitting at their coffee table. This is normally called an uncontested divorce and can be very helpful when a couple wants to split quickly. Yet for others, ...
Continue reading "Divorce Litigation: Why You Need a San Fernando Divorce Attorney" »

Is Online Divorcing a Good Idea?

Almost everyone has heard of online dating, but did you know that there is such a thing as online divorcing? Some married couples who are ready to untie the knot can sign up for an online divorce ...
Continue reading "Is Online Divorcing a Good Idea?" »

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