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Blog Posts in May, 2013

Big Bang Theory Actress Divorces Husband

According to The Los Angeles Times, Mayim Bialik, the famed actress from the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory finalized her divorce from her husband Michael Stone earlier this week. The actress ...
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Travel Costs for Out-of- State Visitation

If you are a co-parent or a parent with limited custody of your children, then you may need to pay for travel expenses when the children come to visit you. The division of travel expenses will be ...
Continue reading "Travel Costs for Out-of- State Visitation" »

Securing Grandparents' Rights for the Summer in California

When summer approaches, the issue of grandparents' rights may become an issue once again. This is because the children are no longer in school. Grandparents may want to make a summer trip out to ...
Continue reading "Securing Grandparents' Rights for the Summer in California" »

Summertime Vacation Etiquette for Divorced Spouses

If you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse, things can get complicated during the summer time. Chances are that during the school year, you and your spouse share a very stringent and ...
Continue reading "Summertime Vacation Etiquette for Divorced Spouses" »

Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce

Are you almost ready to get a divorce from your spouse? If you are entering into this uncharted territory, there are a few smart tips that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should call a ...
Continue reading "Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce" »

The Expenses of Same-Sex Divorce

According to CNN, the cost of a same-sex divorce can be astronomical. Currently, same-sex couples who have managed to succeed in getting a governmentally recognized marriage have an extremely hard ...
Continue reading "The Expenses of Same-Sex Divorce" »

Items to Replace in Your Home After a Split

Divorce means leaping into a new stage of life. As a divorced individual, you will want to break off ties with your former life as the spouse of your ex. In order to do this, there are some household ...
Continue reading "Items to Replace in Your Home After a Split" »

American Idol Runner Up Divorces Husband

Hollywood is a city of almost constant relationship status changes. Recently, Crystal Bowersox of American Idol fame made it into the news when filed for divorce from her husband Brian Walker after ...
Continue reading "American Idol Runner Up Divorces Husband" »

Lakers Star Involved in Child Support Argument

One of the Los Angeles Lakers key players, Steve Nash, is involved in a child support battle with his ex-wife, and claims that he doesn't want to pay her any money that could be spent spoiling the ...
Continue reading "Lakers Star Involved in Child Support Argument" »

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