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Blog Posts in November, 2013

Traveling for the Holidays During Divorce

During the holiday season, many individuals enjoy travelling to see family and friends in different states. If you have been planning a trip to another state, but are currently in the midst of a ...
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Thanksgiving Weekend Custody

Thanksgiving is considered a major holiday, which means that it was probably discussed in your holiday custody plans during your divorce. If your ex-spouse has not honored that custody plan and is ...
Continue reading "Thanksgiving Weekend Custody" »

Father's Rights: Errors to Avoid

If you are a father seeking custody of your children, then there are a variety of situations that you are going to want to avoid. First of all, you are going to want to be cautious about out-spending ...
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Saturday is National Adoption Day!

November 23 rd is considered National Adoption Day. This is a day to raise awareness for the 100,000 children in the American foster care system who are currently waiting to be placed in a home. ...
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How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits?

According to the U.S. government, divorced spouses have the right to collect a Social Security retirement benefits on the work record of an ex-husband or ex-wife if the divorce spouse is over the age ...
Continue reading "How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Benefits?" »

Who Gets the Family Dog?

A family dog can be more than just a pet, it can seem like an actual part of the family. Therefore, when a married couple files for divorce, it may be legitimate to worry about who will get the ...
Continue reading "Who Gets the Family Dog?" »

Three Holiday Custody Plans to Help You Plan for Christmastime

Department stores have started hanging their décor and some coffee shops are even playing the sultry tunes of classic Christmas music. If you are a divorce parent, then these hints that ...
Continue reading "Three Holiday Custody Plans to Help You Plan for Christmastime" »

Who Has the Kids on Thanksgiving?

Have you established a holiday schedule for your children? If so, then you need to make sure that you adhere to that holiday by allowing you and your ex-spouse to have custody of the children on the ...
Continue reading "Who Has the Kids on Thanksgiving?" »

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