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Thanksgiving Weekend Custody

Thanksgiving is considered a major holiday, which means that it was probably discussed in your holiday custody plans during your divorce. If your ex-spouse has not honored that custody plan and is insisting on keeping on your shared custody or visitation schedule regardless of the holiday, then you may need to get a lawyer. Holidays are often dealt with in a different way than typical weekends. Thanksgiving, which spans a weekend, may upset that natural pattern of visitation and custody, but this is permissible if it was written into the divorce agreement,

If you and your ex-spouse getting in an argument about this custody plan, then you may want to get an attorney on your side to help you with your case. If you are denied the ability to see your child on Thanksgiving despite the fact that that it was your legal right to have the child for this holiday, then you will want to contact an attorney right away and seek assistance in getting a legal decision on the matter.

You may need to rearrange holiday custody orders in order to make things even. If you and your ex-spouse never created holiday custody orders at the time of the divorce, then you may want to consider doing so. Having a calendar with holiday visitation dates will help you to know which dates are rightfully yours to see the children, and you will not need to argue each time that a holiday approaches.

Most of the time, decisions of this nature need to be made using a modification of child custody. Hire a San Fernando divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax today to assist you in achieving this modification in time for the Christmas holiday! You can also discuss the costs of the child's travel and the hours that you will get the children in detail in order to avoid any conflict in the future!

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