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Blog Posts in January, 2014

Is the 10-Year-Rule Real in Divorces?

You may have heard people say that if you wait 10 years or more to divorce your spouse, you will get maximum spousal support and child support or continued court involvement in these matters. Some ...
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Do I Need to File for Legal Separation Before Divorce?

Some people believe that they need to file for legal separation prior to being able to file for divorce. This is a myth. Divorcees do need to file a separation agreement, but this is not the same ...
Continue reading "Do I Need to File for Legal Separation Before Divorce?" »

How Much Will my California Divorce Cost?

If you want to know how much your California divorce will cost, then you will have to speak with your attorney in detail. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to determine the cost of a divorce ...
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Can Parents Make Agreements to Waive Child Support?

If you would like to waive predetermined child support, you will want to discuss this option with an attorney. Ultimately, The Family Code governs child support, and parents are not permitted to ...
Continue reading "Can Parents Make Agreements to Waive Child Support?" »

Filing a Declaration of Paternity

In the state of California, if parents are not married at the time of a child's birth, then only the mother's name will be put on the birth certificate. This is the automatic way that the ...
Continue reading "Filing a Declaration of Paternity" »

What is a QDRO?

QDRO is short for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This is a court-order is able to divide a retirement plan or pension between two divorcees that were living off of the income of a retirement. ...
Continue reading "What is a QDRO?" »

More Women Divorced in 2013

More and more women are initiating divorces throughout the United States. IN July of 2013, Bowling Green State University's National Center for Marriage and Family Research discovered that 15 ...
Continue reading "More Women Divorced in 2013" »

Post-Divorce Joint Tax Filings Can be Hazardous

During the last year of your marriage, it can be excessively complicated to work through any joint-tax filings or financial intimacy. As you prepare to finalize your divorce, it is essential that you ...
Continue reading "Post-Divorce Joint Tax Filings Can be Hazardous" »

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