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Blog Posts in 2016

Legal Separation vs. Divorce in California

Researchers estimate that up to 50% of first marriages in the United States end in divorce, and for second marriages, that number goes up to 60%. Why is it so difficult for Americans to stay married? ...
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Can a Spouse Get Spousal Support if They Work?

Every married couple is different, and so are their financial situations. You can have two couples who are divorcing where both husbands are the main breadwinners, but the husbands have very different ...
Continue reading "Can a Spouse Get Spousal Support if They Work?" »

Disability, Illness and Divorce

Ask anyone who has been married for more than five years and they’ll tell you that marriage takes work; it doesn’t maintain itself. Spouses must communicate well, focus on what makes each ...
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California Spousal Support Basics

If you are headed for divorce and you live in Encino or anywhere else in the San Fernando Valley, you will want to know how the state handles matters pertaining to spousal support. Will you receive ...
Continue reading "California Spousal Support Basics" »

Should I Have a Postnuptial Agreement?

In regards to dividing marital property during a divorce, each state has enacted its own laws about property division. In the United States, we have two methods of dividing marital property: community ...
Continue reading "Should I Have a Postnuptial Agreement?" »

Should You Move Out of the Marital Home?

If you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, there is a strong possibility that things aren’t exactly stress-free on the home front. Whether your marriage is ending because one of ...
Continue reading "Should You Move Out of the Marital Home?" »

Paternity and Fathers' Rights in California

In a day and age where more couples are having children outside of marriage, more attention has been drawn to a father’s rights toward his biological children, namely when he and the ...
Continue reading "Paternity and Fathers' Rights in California" »

Stepparent Adoptions in California

Are you looking to adopt your stepchild? If so, congratulations! Given the fact that you desire to become your stepchild’s legal parent proves that the child is fortunate to have you in their ...
Continue reading "Stepparent Adoptions in California" »

California's Community Property Laws

In the U.S., the states follow the equitable distribution or community property systems in regards to the method of dividing a couple’s marital property. California is one of nine states, ...
Continue reading "California's Community Property Laws" »

Avoiding Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Are you considering divorce? If you are like most people your biggest concerns center around 1) child custody, and 2) the division of your assets – these are the two areas that people fight ...
Continue reading "Avoiding Financial Mistakes in Divorce" »

Is Emotional Infidelity Cheating?

When it comes to marriage and relationships, love can be complicated, and few couples skate by without any issues. While each couple may have different views as to what exactly qualifies as cheating, ...
Continue reading "Is Emotional Infidelity Cheating?" »

Will Child Support Cover Extra-Curricular Activities?

If you’re a parent who is getting a divorce, soon you’ll be learning all about child-related expenses, and how they’re addressed in a divorce. Which ones are covered by child ...
Continue reading "Will Child Support Cover Extra-Curricular Activities?" »

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