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Recent Posts in Divorce Settlement Category

California is a Community Property State

In the United States, there are two methods for dividing marital property in a divorce : equitable division and community property. While the majority of states use the equitable distribution method, ...
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Cons of an Adversarial Divorce

There’s no candy-coating it, divorce hurts. When emotions are raw, a spouse may be inclined to wage a war in divorce court, to fight to the bitter end. But, is there really any benefit to that? ...
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California's Community Property Laws

In the U.S., the states follow the equitable distribution or community property systems in regards to the method of dividing a couple’s marital property. California is one of nine states, ...
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Avoiding Financial Mistakes in Divorce

Are you considering divorce? If you are like most people your biggest concerns center around 1) child custody, and 2) the division of your assets – these are the two areas that people fight ...
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Divorce Comes Down to These 2 Things

You probably know by now that one in two marriages ends in divorce, and if you're like most spouses at the end of their rope, you may have already been through the fighting, crying, and trying to ...
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Should I Keep My House in the Divorce?

In the past, it was an achievement to get the house as part of a divorce settlement, however, that was back when the housing market was robust. Instead of staying cozy and financially secure in ...
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