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What is guardianship?

Guardianship is a process by which a California family court will appoint a person to act as the legal guardian of a child when the child's parents are no longer fit to adequately care for the child. Guardianship may be sought after the death of parents, after abandonment, when the parent or parents have assumed military duty, or due to neglect, child endangerment or abuse. A person who becomes the legal guardian of a child will be responsible for the child's wellbeing and for making legal decisions on the child's behalf. The court may terminate guardianship when it is no longer necessary, such as when the child:

  • Turns 18
  • Marries
  • Adopted
  • Enters the Military

Would you like to learn more about guardianship? As a stepparent, relative, or person closely associated with a child, you may find that you would like to seek guardianship of the child. An adoption attorney at Cutter & Lax may be able to assist you with this matter. We represent clients throughout all of the San Fernando Valley and are highly experienced in taking on legal matters involving establishing guardianship.

Guardianship Lawyers - Offices in Encino, CA

At Cutter & Lax, we believe that children should be well cared for and loved. When their home environment is no longer safe, when their birth parents are gone or when their parents can no longer care for them, appointing a legal guardian may be the best thing to be done for the child. Our firm understands this legal process and how to approach it with our clients' interests and rights at heart.

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