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Steps to an Adoption in California

One of the first steps to take when considering an adoption is to consult an attorney in your area. Every state is different, and this legal process may be complex. At Cutter & Lax, we offer a free initial consultation with a adoption lawyer at our firm to help you get started.

Following are the general steps which may be involved in an adoption (although they may vary):

  • Consent to Adoption: The birth parent or parents of the child must give their consent to adoption. With a stepparent adoption, this is usually fairly easy in regards to the spouse of the step-parent seeking to adopt the child. The other birth parent, usually the non-custodial parent, may object and this matter will need to be addressed immediately. In some cases the adoption may go through even if the non-custodial parent objects. However, this will be addresses on a case-by-case basis and as such it is important to talk to an attorney about this.

  • Contact the Court: It is important to contact the court that handles adoptions in your county. By contacting the court you can find out what legal forms are needed, whether you must have legal representation, and where you can find the necessary forms.

  • Submit Legal Forms: You will need to fill out all legal forms for adoption and submit them to the court. It is usually helpful if your lawyer does this step for you, as they must be properly filled out and filed.

  • Notification of Court Date: The court will notify you or your attorney by mail of your court hearing concerning the adoption.

  • Hearing: at the hearing, the court will question both parties involved in the adoption. Your attorney can assist you in preparing for this. The judge will also set a date for the finalization of the adoption.

  • Finalizing the Adoption: An adoption certificate is issued at the court hearing, finalizing the adoption.

  • Apply for Amended Birth Certificates: The final step will be to apply for amended birth certificates.

Lawyers for Adoption Serving the San Fernando Valley

At Cutter & Lax we provide experienced and high-quality legal counsel in adoption proceedings throughout the San Fernando Valley. We welcome you to contact a lawyer at our firm to find out more about how we can help you through this legal process to reach a successful resolution. Contact a adoption attorney at our firm today!

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