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Explaining Custody Mediation

In California's family court system, child custody mediation is a mandatory process for those going through divorce or legal separation. According to California's Supreme Court, Family Code Section 3170, parents who are petitioning for, applying for, or seeking modifications in child support or child custody must submit to court ordered mediation of those issues. As a result, most people see mediation as an impersonal, court ordered mandate. In reality, custody mediation is just the opposite. Child custody mediation provides parents with the opportunity to resolve once conflicting issues confidentially, with the help of a professional mediator.

Expert custody mediators work with families to accomplish the following goals:

  • Help you make a parenting plan
  • Help you make a parenting plan that is of the best interest of the child and allows the child to spend quality time with both parents
  • Help you deal with any feelings of anger, hostility, or resentment

Divorce and parenting does not come with a set of instructions. Seeking help from a professional custody mediator can help you deal with the unexpected issues that arise from a divorce, ease the emotional heaviness you may be experiencing, and can give compassionate advice to help you work towards a more peaceful solution for your home.

Working for the Benefit of Your Custody Mediation

Millions of children across the nation are facing the repercussions of turbulent divorces. Just as parents may be angry or upset with their current marital situation, children can be resentful and confused about the changes and conflicts that they are experiencing secondhand. What's more, parents could feel guilty or anxious when they see their child struggling. Child custody mediation gives parents a chance to dissolve the conflicts that have been experienced during their separation, or heal the emotional wounds that could have been unintentionally inflicted on their children during the divorce process.

With outside help from a professional mediator, parents can resolve disagreements, decide on a parenting plan, seek child support, or specify visitation rights. Child custody mediation is always a great option for parents or divorcing couples to have, simply because a third party professional can give advice and guidance as to what decisions are best for the child, and the needs of each individual family member.

Non-partial mediators can offer their assistance to seek the best possible outcomes for each party involved, instead of leaving the decision up to a judge, who can order whatever he seems fit. You know your children best, not a judge. Instead of being left to the final word of a judge who has no empathy for your situation, working with professional custody mediators can help parents establish a healthy dialogue between one another to agree upon what best serves the interests of their child.

Contact a San Fernando Family Law Attorney for Custody Mediation Services

Divorce or family issues are sensitive topics, and inviting someone else into your family issues could seem invasive and uncomfortable. If you are considering custody mediation, Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law can help. Our legal team at Cutter & Lax is highly confidential, and we stand by your side during your custody mediation. We can offer neutral, practical, and beneficial legal guidance that is specific to your custody mediation.

Whether you are seeking a divorce and need custody mediation for your children, or have never been married but need to establish custody with the child's parent, seeking qualified legal assistance from a San Fernando family law attorney can help you during this sometimes overwhelming experience. Attorney Cutter has over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law. In addition to this, his experience as a former high school teacher at Monroe High School in California can offer a uniquely empathetic, but legally conscious view to your child custody decisions. Contact our firm to discuss your child custody mediation.

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