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Enforcement of Child Support

There are several different legal remedies available to a parent who is having trouble collecting court-ordered child support payments from the non-custodial parent. Child support enforcement is an action that our firm takes very seriously, and as such we offer a free case evaluation by a skilled lawyer at our firm.

Following are the potential actions that a person may take to seek the enforcement of child support:

  • When child support is a court-ordered obligation, a person who willfully and knowingly fails to pay may be held in contempt of court. This means that a bench warrant would be issued for their arrest, where they would then be brought into court to face possible fines and jail time.
  • The court may also issue a wage assignment order which would basically order the person's employer to directly pay the custodial parent their child support payment.
  • Assets may be seized or sold to pay the child support. This is achieved by filing a petition with the court and may also affect bank accounts if large amounts of child support payments are past due.
  • At times the spouse required to pay child support may be required to deposit the full amount due for a year in to an interest bearing account, as a guarantee that it will be paid every month. If a child support payment is more than 10 days overdue at any time, a disbursement may be made from the account to satisfy the amount due.

If your ex-spouse contests the amount of child support you are owed, a court hearing may be held to determine exactly what amount is owed. Interest may be accrued at the rate of 10% per year and added to what's owed.

Why hire a child support enforcement attorney?

Child support enforcement is a legal procedure and is therefore best handled by an experienced attorney. In order to have the best opportunity to recover the past due child support you are owed, you will need a child support enforcement attorney with the knowledge and resources to effectively handle your case and take the legal route that is right for you. Contact a child support lawyer at Cutter & Lax today for a free consultation regarding your child support enforcement matter.

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