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Collaborative Divorces

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If you are seeking a divorce and you and your spouse agree on the majority of the terms of your divorce, it may be best for you to work with Cutter & Lax and work on a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce allows both divorcing parties to negotiate terms of their separation without going to court or threatening to go to court. This approach is considered a type of conflict resolution and helps both parties avoid expensive legal fees and the stress of going to trial to litigate your case. The terms and conditions of a collaborative divorce are usually more favorable than those of a judge-determined divorce and most couples will not feel the need to try to make modifications to their divorce decree in the future.

Collaborative divorces vary from mediated divorces and uncontested divorces. In a collaborative divorce, the coupe can work with multiple parties to reach a favorable outcome. If there is a therapist or counselor, they can work with the attorney and mediator to establish a positive divorce decree. All professionals that the couple feels necessary to be involved with the divorce can collaborate together to help them reach the best possible resolution. Some couples include accountants, specialists and divorce coaches to help them reach their favored solution. These team approaches will be like an open meeting, where everyone works in conjunction to the other and advices the couple on the best legal course of action to take in terms of division of property and other aspects of their divorce.

Is this option best for you?

This approach to divorce may be best for you in your and spouse can agree on the majority of distributions and financial responsibilities of your separation. Multiple studies have shown that these types of divorces are often settled quickly and at a significantly lower cost than a litigated divorce. The amount of stress that is reduced in a collaborative divorce is enough to have many people consider this option when divorcing. It is important to remember though, collaborative divorce is not an option for those that are facing domestic abuse, addiction or those sighting incurable mental illness as grounds for divorce. If you are questioning this option, call us.

Our Encino Legal Team

When you work with Cutter & Lax, you will be working with highly dedicated and professional family law attorneys who have been assisting clients in achieving positive outcomes for their cases for the past two decades. With the help of our team, you can work toward an amicable and quick resolution for your divorce case. The sooner you contact Cutter & Lax, the sooner we can get started. Contact our firm today to schedule your free case evaluation with a dedicated Encino family law attorney now!

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