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Divorce Mediation Myths

There are many myths about mediation that a person may come across when considering filing for divorce, which can affect his or her decision to choose mediation and avoid a contested divorce in court. At Cutter & Lax, we represent clients throughout the San Fernando Valley in divorce mediation proceedings. We want to help you make the right decision about your case and can offer you the representation you need to seek a positive outcome. Following are some common myths about divorce mediation.

Myth: Mediation gives one spouse an advantage to dominate the other spouse.

Fact: In mediation, both spouses are given a fair advantage. A good divorce mediator will strive to keep the balance equal between spouses so both of their wishes and concerns are addressed.

Myth: Mediation will make my divorce take longer.

Fact: Divorce mediation almost always is faster and easier than a contested divorce in court. It is also less expensive because it is resolved in less time and therefore less legal counsel is required. Although an agreement will need to be reached, the spouses will have the benefit of avoiding the wait for a court date.

Myth: I don't need an attorney for mediation.

Fact: Although you are not required to hire an attorney in a divorce mediation, it is often beneficial. An attorney can assists mediating spouses by informing them of their rights and coaching them through the mediation process. A divorce mediation attorney can also assist the spouses by drawing up the necessary divorce paperwork once the mediation process is complete. All in all, working with a legal professional can work to ensure you are aware of your legal rights and options.

Myth: Mediation only works when spouses are on agreeable terms.

Fact: Although a divorce mediation will certainly be easier when spouses are on amicable terms or have already agreed upon certain key issues, this is not necessary to reach a successful divorce agreement outside of court. Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which involves sorting out any disagreements and helping spouses work together in a divorce.

If you would like to learn more about mediation or are considering a divorce, contact a San Fernando Valley divorce mediation lawyer at Cutter & Lax today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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