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Modification of Child Custody

The original agreement or court judgment that set forth child custody and visitation arrangements can be modified. In the event of a substantial change in circumstances you may be able to seek a child custody modification. Your attorney will need to prove that this is in the best interests of your child or children and that the situation that led to your requesting a modification is serious enough to warrant a change.

Some examples of what might qualify as a substantial change in circumstances include:

  • The custodial parent deciding to move away, particularly out of state
  • A substantial change in the lifestyle of one of the parents, such as a new work schedule
  • Suspected domestic violence, sexual abuse, or neglect

Contact a San Fernando Valley Child Custody Lawyer

At Cutter & Lax we offer a free case evaluation to discuss your particular matter. A child custody lawyer at our firm can meet with you to answer your questions and address your particular concerns. With our help, you may be able to alter your existing child custody agreement so it better suits you and your child's current situation.

It is only natural that your circumstances may change and that your existing child custody or visitation order will no longer work. Seeking a child custody modification may be the best thing you can do for you and your children. Take action and ensure that your interests are protected by working with an experienced lawyer.

Contact a San Fernando Valley child custody attorney at Cutter & Lax today!

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