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Encino Visitation Modification Lawyers

When you first divorced or legally separated, the court may have entered a ruling regarding you or your spouse’s visitation rights and custody. While the agreement may have worked at the time, you may have found that a change in circumstance has created the necessity of changing your visitation schedule or rights. A visitation modification may be the answer.

Why a Visitation Modification?

There are numerous reasons a parent may find it necessary to seek a visitation modification:

  • A parent is moving or has moved out of state
  • A parent has a new job or new job schedule
  • A parent has been convicted of a crime
  • Abuse or other wrongful conduct has been occurring
  • Repeated failure to comply with visitation agreements

A “significant change in circumstances” is necessary to request a visitation modification in California, and this modification must be deemed “necessary and proper” and in the best interests of the child. This is covered under California Family Law Section 3022. To seek a modification, you and your lawyer must show that the change is significant enough to require a change in your current visitation agreement. You must also prove that this change will benefit your child or children.

Protect you and your child’s interests by seeking a visitation modification with the help of a skilled family law attorney at Cutter & Lax. We will keep your best interests at heart and will use our legal knowledge and experience to fight for a successful modification. Our firm has offices in Burbank, Valencia, Encino and Westlake Village and takes on cases throughout the rest of the Valley.

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