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San Fernando Valley Move Away Cases

Helping Relocating Encino Parents

If you share custody of your child and you or your ex-spouse want to move away, this can present a unique problem. By consulting an attorney about this situation, you can find out what legal rights you have and what you can do to protect them. Whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent, you will need to address this situation as soon as possible. A move away case can be difficult on you, your ex-spouse and your children. By seeking legal help early in the process you may be able to reach a resolution more swiftly while protecting you.

California law is unique in that a custodial parent has the right to change the permanent residence of their child or children. However this is subject to court approval in cases where the move may affect the rights or welfare of the child. Move away law is covered under California Family Code Section 7501.

Although the law may seem fairly straightforward in regards to a custodial parent’s right to move away with his or her children, this is actually not the case. This has been the subject of much scrutiny over time and the source of numerous legal disputes. Whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent you may need a lawyer at your side to ensure that your rights are protected. You and your children deserve to have their wellbeing protected in regards to visitation and custody as it is affected by a move away.

Working with Cutter & Lax

Are you looking for a lawyer for a move away case in Encino? To learn more about your rights and how California law may affect you and your children, contact Cutter & Lax for a free consultation. Our firm understands that this time in your life can be difficult, which is why we aim to quickly and efficiently resolve your case. The legal team at Cutter & Lax will work hard to meet your legal goals and assist you with all necessary paperwork and legal proceedings to make adjustments to your divorce decree We offer free case evaluations to all potential clients. With everything to gain, do not hesitate in contacting our firm today!

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