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Supervised Visitation

Various studies have shown that children flourish and develop best when given constant and consistent interaction with both parents. Children should not be denied this simply because of a divorce or separation between the parents. Seeking ideal parenting plans and a settling on an established visitation schedule for child custody can help maintain the best interests of your child, and ensure a stable growing environment.

We do understand that every family is unique and has certain circumstances that may complicate child custody, and may not be the most safe or ideal of conditions. Though you may want to ensure your child spends time with both parents, one parent could be violent, or threatening. In such cases like this, the best interests of the child must take precedence when deciding visitation rights.

If you feel that your child's mother or father may not be taking good care of your child in your absence, you must protect them from any dangers or harms by speaking to an Encino family lawyer immediately. Consult the legal advice from our attorneys at Cutter & Lax, Attorneys at Law. We can use our 30 years of family law experience to help protect you and your child from a potential harmful or unsafe environment. Attorney Cutter is a former JAG officer, and Retired Reservist with Prior Enlisted Service, so he knows the importance of your safety, and your desire to protect that which is yours.

Cases of Supervised Visitation

Sometimes, based entirely on issues of safety, security, or protection of your child, a judge will order that a child can only have contact with a parent when a Court specified, neutral third-party is present during the visitation. This type of court order is called "supervised visitation." Supervised, monitored visitation may be ordered by a judge for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A need to protect the child
  • A child wishes not to see the parent without supervision
  • History of drug and / or alcohol abuse
  • History of child abuse or neglect
  • History of family or domestic violence
  • To give the visiting parent an opportunity to express or address certain private issues
  • To help introduce or reintroduce an absent parent
  • Parenting concerns, such as emotional or mental illnesses
  • When there is a potential threat of parental abduction.

Help from an Encino Family Law Attorney

Though supervised visitations were created to help ease your responsibilities, some parents will naturally have questions, concerns, and anxieties about how it may affect your children. In addition to this, you may be facing even more paperwork, even more court forms, and even more claims to file with the family court system. Our attorneys at Cutter & Lax understand this, and we are open to answering any questions you may have about supervised visitation, and are able to assist you with any confusing or time consuming paperwork that you may be facing. At a time of emotional confusion and stress, you need to have an experienced family law attorney who can advocate on your behalf of your best interests, and especially your child's. Contact our firm to discuss the possibility of getting Court ordered supervised visitation.

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