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Life Changes – Your Divorce Agreements Should Change with It

No one expects that their life will stay static forever. If you have been involved in a divorce and have custody, alimony or child support agreements, it does not mean that they will stay that way forever regardless of extenuating circumstances. At Cutter & Lax, we are well-versed in post-divorce modifications. Below, we have provided some helpful videos where we explain how you may be able to change or modify your agreements. Have more questions? We encourage you to read through our site & then contact our firm as soon as you can.


Changing Divorce Agreements

Nelson Cutter explains how you may be able to change or modify alimony or support agreements when circumstances in your life change.
Alimony and Support Modifications

Attorney Matthew Lax speaks about changing the amount of child or spousal support you are required to pay if you have lost your job or are receiving less income.

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