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Recent Posts in Adoption Category

Stepparent Adoptions in California

Are you looking to adopt your stepchild? If so, congratulations! Given the fact that you desire to become your stepchild’s legal parent proves that the child is fortunate to have you in their ...
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Requirements for Adopting Overseas

Adoption is an absolutely wonderful process that provides a nurturing, loving environment for a child who may otherwise have lived without such core necessities of life. Many individuals and couples ...
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California Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages on Birth Certificates

California is currently one of 19 states that allow same-sex marriage. While the history of same-sex marriage in the state is tumultuous, on June 28, 2013, the decision to ban same-sex marriage was ...
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Divorce & Adoptions

Couples that have adopted a child are not immune from experiecing divorce. If a divorce is happening after the decision to adopt a child has been made, there are some concerns that the adoptive ...
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Saturday is National Adoption Day!

November 23 rd is considered National Adoption Day. This is a day to raise awareness for the 100,000 children in the American foster care system who are currently waiting to be placed in a home. ...
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Adoption Swaps Violate Seldom-Enforced Law

A teenager with the initials Q.P. says her life became a nightmare when she was traded away from her adopted family in Wisconsin and sent to Illinois to live with a different family. She was a victim ...
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