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Recent Posts in Child Support Category

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Can Child Support Be Taken from SSI?

For years now, child support has been collected for the most part through withholding income from a parent’s paycheck. However, if a parent is receiving workers’ compensation, Social ...
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Child Support Arrears & License Suspensions

In all 50 states, there can be serious ramifications if a parent falls behind on their child support payments. Licenses for example, can be impacted by the failure to pay child support. We’re ...
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Can I Get a U.S. Passport if I Owe Child Support?

If you want to travel outside the United States, you’ll need a U.S. passport. Even Canada has tightened up its regulations and is now requiring that U.S. tourists have a passport before entering ...
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Medical Support in CA Child Support Cases

If you are a parent who is headed towards divorce, soon you will be getting very familiar with California’s child support laws. In California, both parents are legally required to financially ...
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What Are The Rights Of Stay-At-Home Dads?

You’re a stay-at-home father. The reason behind your decision? Perhaps your wife was at the pinnacle of her career after your child was born and it made sense. Perhaps you fell on hard times and ...
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What to Do if Your Spouse Cuts You Off

If there’s one thing about divorce, it can complicate one’s finances, especially when you’ve been relying on your soon-to-be ex’s income and assets for some time. Although ...
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What if My Spouse Won't Grant Me a Divorce?

Over the course of your life, you’ve probably heard someone on TV or in the movies say something to the effect of, “My husband (or wife) says they’ll never give me a divorce !” ...
Continue reading "What if My Spouse Won't Grant Me a Divorce?" »

Best Advice for Divorcing Parents

When parents decide to get a divorce, they have a lot on their minds – temporary orders for child and spousal support, property and debt division, and of course child custody. While all of these ...
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Advice for Divorced Dads

Whether you’re on the brink of divorce or you’re recently divorced, surely one of the hardest parts of breaking up with your children’s mother is not living with your kids, or no ...
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Domestic Violence & Divorce in San Fernando

Are you a victim of domestic violence ? Or, are your children victims? If so, and you’re seriously considering divorce, certainly you know that while leaving is the “right thing to ...
Continue reading "Domestic Violence & Divorce in San Fernando" »

Should the Richer Parent Get Custody?

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was very common for mothers to get the children in a divorce. In New York, that was common up until about 2000. However, much has changed in the last 20 years. Divorce laws ...
Continue reading "Should the Richer Parent Get Custody?" »

Paternity and Fathers' Rights in California

In a day and age where more couples are having children outside of marriage, more attention has been drawn to a father’s rights toward his biological children, namely when he and the ...
Continue reading "Paternity and Fathers' Rights in California" »

Will Child Support Cover Extra-Curricular Activities?

If you’re a parent who is getting a divorce, soon you’ll be learning all about child-related expenses, and how they’re addressed in a divorce. Which ones are covered by child ...
Continue reading "Will Child Support Cover Extra-Curricular Activities?" »

Help, My Spouse if Falsely Accusing Me of Child Abuse!

Ask most parents and they'll admit that raising children isn't easy. It takes a lot of patience, love, and understanding. Unfortunately allegations of "child abuse" are frequently ...
Continue reading "Help, My Spouse if Falsely Accusing Me of Child Abuse!" »

What the Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Divorce Can Teach Us

After months of rumors, last week Ben Affleck, 42, and Jennifer Garner, 43, announced their plans to divorce – just one day after their 10-year wedding anniversary. Indeed, we've been ...
Continue reading "What the Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Divorce Can Teach Us" »

What Happens if I Stop Paying Child Support?

Once the court has issued an order stating that you must pay child support, you are obligated to pay the monthly child support payments from the date the order is issued. If you have run into the ...
Continue reading "What Happens if I Stop Paying Child Support?" »

Why Establishing Paternity is Critical to a Father's Rights

In this day and age, many children are born to couples who decide not to marry. Whether this has to do with the high divorce rate, cultural acceptance, or other personal beliefs, each couple has every ...
Continue reading "Why Establishing Paternity is Critical to a Father's Rights" »

Withholding the Children Because of Unpaid Child Support

If you are the custodial parent in a post-divorce relationship, you cannot withhold the children from your ex if he or she decides not to pay child support. While the two issues seem related, the ...
Continue reading "Withholding the Children Because of Unpaid Child Support" »

Does Child Support End at Graduation?

Graduation is almost here for many high schoolers throughout the United States. Interestingly enough, this can have a major impact on child support requirements for divorced parents of graduates. ...
Continue reading "Does Child Support End at Graduation?" »

Enforcing Child or Spousal Support Orders

If you were involved in a divorce and won spousal or child support, then your ex is required by law to make the payments that were arranged in court on the appropriate due date. If the payer fails to ...
Continue reading "Enforcing Child or Spousal Support Orders" »

How to Arrange Out-of-State Child Support

If your child's parent is out-of-state, then you will need to rely on the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act to govern your child support payments. This act was created back in 1992, and it ...
Continue reading "How to Arrange Out-of-State Child Support" »

Can Parents Make Agreements to Waive Child Support?

If you would like to waive predetermined child support, you will want to discuss this option with an attorney. Ultimately, The Family Code governs child support, and parents are not permitted to ...
Continue reading "Can Parents Make Agreements to Waive Child Support?" »

Taking Steps to a Painless Divorce

Are you preparing for a divorce? There are ways to make your divorce more amicable and less painful. First of all, you can do this by being proactive during your divorce and taking responsibility. You ...
Continue reading "Taking Steps to a Painless Divorce" »

Do You Need to Reduce Your Child Support?

Do you need to reduce your child support? If so, then you will need to take a series of steps in order to accomplish this goal. First of all, you will need to locate your original court case number ...
Continue reading "Do You Need to Reduce Your Child Support?" »

Keep Track of Your Ex's Decisions for the Children

If your ex has primary custody of the children, or is the primary decision maker in a joint custody relationship for the children, then you will want to monitor those decisions closely. The choices ...
Continue reading "Keep Track of Your Ex's Decisions for the Children" »
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