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Recent Posts in Family Law Category

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Cons of an Adversarial Divorce

There’s no candy-coating it, divorce hurts. When emotions are raw, a spouse may be inclined to wage a war in divorce court, to fight to the bitter end. But, is there really any benefit to that? ...
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Paternity and Fathers' Rights in California

In a day and age where more couples are having children outside of marriage, more attention has been drawn to a father’s rights toward his biological children, namely when he and the ...
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How Social Media Impacts Family Law

Social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are great ways for you to connect with new acquaintances, friends, and relatives. It helps people interact with businesses ...
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New California Law Empowers Victims of Domestic Violence

A new California law is making it easier for those who have been a victim of domestic violence to get away from their abuser and begin a life for themselves, specifically undocumented immigrants. ...
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California Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages on Birth Certificates

California is currently one of 19 states that allow same-sex marriage. While the history of same-sex marriage in the state is tumultuous, on June 28, 2013, the decision to ban same-sex marriage was ...
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California Seeks to Update Family Law

California Seeks to Update Family Law With nontraditional family units becoming more and more common, California lawmakers are seeking to make changes to family law and parental rights to reflect the ...
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Transitioning from a One Household to Two Household Budget after Divorce

Going through divorce can be one of the most emotionally draining legal processes to navigate through. Since many people's main concern is the actual act of ending their marriage, they do not ...
Continue reading "Transitioning from a One Household to Two Household Budget after Divorce" »

Will Cohabitating before Marriage Increase my Chances of Divorce?

Whether or not living together with your future spouse before marriage is a good idea is a common debate amongst many people. Many couples believe that living together before marriage is the practical ...
Continue reading "Will Cohabitating before Marriage Increase my Chances of Divorce?" »

The Donald Sterling Divorce: Who Gets the Clippers?

Donald Sterling and his wife of 50 years, Shelly Sterling are divorcing after 50 years of marriage. Donald Sterling is known as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and recently got into hot water ...
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What is a QDRO?

QDRO is short for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This is a court-order is able to divide a retirement plan or pension between two divorcees that were living off of the income of a retirement. ...
Continue reading "What is a QDRO?" »

Who Has the Kids on Thanksgiving?

Have you established a holiday schedule for your children? If so, then you need to make sure that you adhere to that holiday by allowing you and your ex-spouse to have custody of the children on the ...
Continue reading "Who Has the Kids on Thanksgiving?" »

Save Your Retirement Despite Divorce

The National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio has determined that the divorce rate doubled for people over the age of 50 between the years 1990 and ...
Continue reading "Save Your Retirement Despite Divorce" »

Study Says More Siblings Decreases Divorce Risk

A recent study published by the General Social Survey recently revealed that adults who grew up with more siblings often have a decreased probability for divorce in their own marriages in the future. ...
Continue reading "Study Says More Siblings Decreases Divorce Risk" »

The Main Reason for Divorce

There are a variety of different reasons why individuals fight, and a host of different reasons that couples will cite as the tipping point that caused their divorce. Yet the stars of Marriage Boot ...
Continue reading "The Main Reason for Divorce" »

Study Shows Divorce is Harder for Younger Children

If you are currently pondering divorce, or have already started the process, then you will want to consider what roll that this will have on your children. Research suggests that divorce can ...
Continue reading "Study Shows Divorce is Harder for Younger Children" »

Creating a Non-Marital Contract

If you are living with a partner and would like to create some regulations for property and shared expenses, then you may want to create a non-marital contract. When a couple marries, they both give ...
Continue reading "Creating a Non-Marital Contract" »

If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?

In most cases, when a spouse remarries you will no longer need to pay spousal support or alimony to support that individual. However, the courts may not terminate your obligatory payments right away. ...
Continue reading "If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?" »

Gray Divorce Facts

If you are currently going through a gray divorce, you are not alone. Gray divorces have increased quicker than any other area of divorce in the United States. In fact, data from 2009 shows that ...
Continue reading "Gray Divorce Facts" »

New Data Proves Gray Divorce is on the Rise

A study at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers shows that more and more baby boomers are leaving their marriages in order to pursue retirement as a signal. The American Academy of Matrimonial ...
Continue reading "New Data Proves Gray Divorce is on the Rise" »

Father's Day and Father's Rights

Sunday is Father's Day and all across America children will be honoring their dads with cards and quality time together. If you are a father with shared custody of your children, then this could ...
Continue reading "Father's Day and Father's Rights" »

Summertime Vacation Etiquette for Divorced Spouses

If you share custody of your children with your ex-spouse, things can get complicated during the summer time. Chances are that during the school year, you and your spouse share a very stringent and ...
Continue reading "Summertime Vacation Etiquette for Divorced Spouses" »

Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce

Are you almost ready to get a divorce from your spouse? If you are entering into this uncharted territory, there are a few smart tips that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should call a ...
Continue reading "Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce" »

The Expenses of Same-Sex Divorce

According to CNN, the cost of a same-sex divorce can be astronomical. Currently, same-sex couples who have managed to succeed in getting a governmentally recognized marriage have an extremely hard ...
Continue reading "The Expenses of Same-Sex Divorce" »

American Idol Runner Up Divorces Husband

Hollywood is a city of almost constant relationship status changes. Recently, Crystal Bowersox of American Idol fame made it into the news when filed for divorce from her husband Brian Walker after ...
Continue reading "American Idol Runner Up Divorces Husband" »

Can You Evict a Cohabiting Partner?

If you live with your partner, but decide that it is time to move on, things can sometimes get complicated. In some jurisdictions, domestic partners have joint tenancy rights after a certain period of ...
Continue reading "Can You Evict a Cohabiting Partner?" »
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