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Recent Posts in Spousal Support Category

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Terminating Spousal Support in California

When a couple divorces in California, a judge may order the higher-earning spouse to pay spousal support to the lower-earning spouse. Some states call this “alimony,” but in California, ...
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2019 Changes in Spousal Support Tax Laws

For over 70 years, spousal support has been tax deductible for the paying spouse and counted as taxable income for the receiving spouse. Due to this tax law, divorcing spouses felt they had room to ...
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Can Cheating Impact Spousal Support in a CA Divorce?

Cheating, infidelity, adultery – they are different names but they all have the same negative connation. In the context of a divorce, “cheating” usually means sexual intercourse with ...
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What to Do if Your Spouse Cuts You Off

If there’s one thing about divorce, it can complicate one’s finances, especially when you’ve been relying on your soon-to-be ex’s income and assets for some time. Although ...
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Does an Emotional Affair Count as Cheating?

At first, it was Myspace and then it was Facebook, Instagram and Tinder. While these social media sites help old classmates, old friends, and family reconnect and stay connected, it wasn’t long ...
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Is Snooping on a Spouse Legal?

We’re going to be frank: Spouses on the brink of divorce are in the habit of snooping on their spouses. It happens all the time. Often, the suspicious spouse is looking for evidence of an ...
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My Spouse Works: Can I Avoid Spousal Support?

Each divorcing couple is different. Sometimes the higher-earning spouse is completely okay with paying spousal support and they feel it’s their duty and obligation. Other times, the ...
Continue reading "My Spouse Works: Can I Avoid Spousal Support?" »

Spousal Support Modifications in Encino

When a married couple in California decides to end their marriage, there’s always the possibility that the couple will agree to spousal support or if the higher-earning spouse is against it, a ...
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Can a Spouse Get Spousal Support if They Work?

Every married couple is different, and so are their financial situations. You can have two couples who are divorcing where both husbands are the main breadwinners, but the husbands have very different ...
Continue reading "Can a Spouse Get Spousal Support if They Work?" »

California Spousal Support Basics

If you are headed for divorce and you live in Encino or anywhere else in the San Fernando Valley, you will want to know how the state handles matters pertaining to spousal support. Will you receive ...
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Secrets From a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a stressful process that has its way of bringing out the worst in people. Some embittered spouses see divorce as a way to seek revenge by emptying bank accounts, freezing credit cards, ...
Continue reading "Secrets From a Divorce Lawyer" »

Spousal Support in California: What You Need to Know

If you're getting divorced, you may be wondering, "Will a judge order spousal support in my case?" Spousal support, also known as "alimony," is money that a higher-earning ...
Continue reading "Spousal Support in California: What You Need to Know" »

How to Behave on Social Media During a Divorce

These days, most people are heavily tied into their social media accounts; it's become a big part of daily life. When you're filing for divorce, you may not realize it but how you act on ...
Continue reading "How to Behave on Social Media During a Divorce" »

Can Cheating Affect Alimony in a California Divorce?

It happens all of the time, after marriage spouses change and they sometimes grow apart. The spouses were managing to cohabitate just fine until one of the spouses cheats, and the other discovers the ...
Continue reading "Can Cheating Affect Alimony in a California Divorce?" »

When Does Alimony End?

In California, when a couple files for a legal separation or divorce, the court may order one of the spouses or domestic partners to pay alimony, otherwise known as spousal support to the other ...
Continue reading "When Does Alimony End?" »

Considering a Lump Sum Alimony Payment?

One of the things that will be worked out in your divorce is the payment of spousal support, also known as alimony. Alimony is the financial obligation to make payments to the other spouse for a ...
Continue reading "Considering a Lump Sum Alimony Payment?" »

Financial Affidavits Are Important in Divorce

One of the unknown side-effects of getting a divorce is having your finances raked over with a fine tooth comb by the attorneys in the case. When this information is presented to the court, it must be ...
Continue reading "Financial Affidavits Are Important in Divorce" »

What Is the Point of Spousal Support?

Spousal support is a big issue in a variety of different divorce cases. Many spouses will ask for spousal support, especially if the spouse dos not have a job and formerly worked as the homemaker at ...
Continue reading "What Is the Point of Spousal Support?" »

Enforcing Child or Spousal Support Orders

If you were involved in a divorce and won spousal or child support, then your ex is required by law to make the payments that were arranged in court on the appropriate due date. If the payer fails to ...
Continue reading "Enforcing Child or Spousal Support Orders" »

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Spousal Support?

If you are currently receiving spousal support from an ex, then yes, you may need to pay taxes on this income. This is because it counts as income on your forms. You also may be required to pay taxes ...
Continue reading "Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Spousal Support?" »

How Permanent is Permanent Alimony?

The term permanent alimony is terrifying to many divorcing spouses who might be on the paying end of the deal. This is because the title indicates that a paying spouse will never be able to avoid ...
Continue reading "How Permanent is Permanent Alimony?" »

Immigration Case in Texas Discusses Affidavits of Support and Divorce

When spouses are separated by immigration customs, American citizens have the right to file an affidavit of support on behalf of their spouses. This means if you are married to a Mexico native and ...
Continue reading "Immigration Case in Texas Discusses Affidavits of Support and Divorce" »

If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?

In most cases, when a spouse remarries you will no longer need to pay spousal support or alimony to support that individual. However, the courts may not terminate your obligatory payments right away. ...
Continue reading "If My Ex Marries a Millionaire, Can I Stop Paying Alimony?" »

Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce

Are you almost ready to get a divorce from your spouse? If you are entering into this uncharted territory, there are a few smart tips that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should call a ...
Continue reading "Smart Tips When Prepping for Divorce" »

Items to Replace in Your Home After a Split

Divorce means leaping into a new stage of life. As a divorced individual, you will want to break off ties with your former life as the spouse of your ex. In order to do this, there are some household ...
Continue reading "Items to Replace in Your Home After a Split" »
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