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Recent Posts in Visitation Category

Custody Rights of Unmarried Mothers in California

Now that we’re in the 21st century, more children are being born out of wedlock than ever before. Not only has having children outside of marriage become socially acceptable in today’s ...
Continue reading "Custody Rights of Unmarried Mothers in California" »

Supervised Visitation in California

Families and even parentage in the absence of a marriage can be complicated, but for a mother or father to lose their parental rights, they usually have to do something extreme, like commit severe ...
Continue reading "Supervised Visitation in California" »

Step-Parent Visitation Rights in California

A surprising scenario is becoming more and more popular as divorce rates in the United States rise. Step-parents are more frequently pushing for visitation rights. While it may seem like they should ...
Continue reading "Step-Parent Visitation Rights in California" »

Easter Custody and Visitation for Children

Easter is less than a week away. This holiday of Easter egg hunts, baskets, and celebration is a very special time for children and adults alike. If you are divorced and are in a shared custody ...
Continue reading "Easter Custody and Visitation for Children" »

Thanksgiving Weekend Custody

Thanksgiving is considered a major holiday, which means that it was probably discussed in your holiday custody plans during your divorce. If your ex-spouse has not honored that custody plan and is ...
Continue reading "Thanksgiving Weekend Custody" »

Visitation and Child Support as Separate Issues

Some parents assume that if they visit their children post-divorce, they will be obligated to pay child support. Others assume that if they are allowing their child to visit with their ex-spouse, that ...
Continue reading "Visitation and Child Support as Separate Issues" »

The Main Reason for Divorce

There are a variety of different reasons why individuals fight, and a host of different reasons that couples will cite as the tipping point that caused their divorce. Yet the stars of Marriage Boot ...
Continue reading "The Main Reason for Divorce" »

Custody of Infants in Divorce

If you and your spouse have an infant child, then you will want a divorce attorney to help you as negotiate through the custody agreement for the child. If the child is breastfed, then chances are ...
Continue reading "Custody of Infants in Divorce" »

Infant Visitation Laws and Father's Rights

If your child is an infant, and you are the father, then you may be at a loss to secure custody of the child during your divorce. This has nothing to do with your capabilities of a parent or your ...
Continue reading "Infant Visitation Laws and Father's Rights" »

The Benefits Keeping a Visitation Log

If you are divorced and your spouse has court-ordered visitation time with the children, then you have the right to monitor that visitation and determine whether or not times with your ex are ...
Continue reading "The Benefits Keeping a Visitation Log" »

Travel Costs for Out-of- State Visitation

If you are a co-parent or a parent with limited custody of your children, then you may need to pay for travel expenses when the children come to visit you. The division of travel expenses will be ...
Continue reading "Travel Costs for Out-of- State Visitation" »

Securing Grandparents' Rights for the Summer in California

When summer approaches, the issue of grandparents' rights may become an issue once again. This is because the children are no longer in school. Grandparents may want to make a summer trip out to ...
Continue reading "Securing Grandparents' Rights for the Summer in California" »

All About Supervised Visitation

If you are not permitted to spend time with your children after a divorce or after you have been convicted of a crime, then you may want to hire a divorce lawyer to help you argue for supervised ...
Continue reading "All About Supervised Visitation" »

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