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At Cutter & Lax it is our mission to provide our clients with high-quality legal representation when it is needed most. If you have been involved in a divorce or any type of family law case, we encourage you to get our involvement as soon as possible. Below, you will see numerous different videos. We encourage you to click through all of these videos. By watching them, you will not only learn more about our firm and the lawyers who compose it, but also many different related topics. Once you have watched them, if you are ready to discuss your case with our firm, we encourage you to give us a call or fill out our case evaluation form today!

Cutter & Lax - Divorce & Family Lawyers

Southern California divorce lawyers, Cutter & Lax discuss the divorce process and how they can help you through this difficult time.
Choosing Your Family Law Attorney

Attorney Nelson Cutter discusses some of the qualities you should look for when obtaining a divorce lawyer.
Why Hire Cutter & Lax

Attorney Nelson Cutter discusses his experience and background in divorce law.
Attorney Costs

Mr. Cutter speaks about keeping the costs of having an attorney affordable.
The Goal of a Divorce

Attorney Nelson Cutter explains what is to be achieved in a divorce proceeding.
No Fault

Mr. Cutter explains what no fault divorce is.
Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Mr. Cutter explains the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce.

Attorney Nelson Cutter discusses mediation as an option for uncontested divorces.
Temporary Support

Attorney Nelson Cutter speaks about circumstances in which you may be able to receive temporary spousal support or child support before the divorce is final.

Nelson Cutter speaks about how alimony or spousal support is determined.
Factors in Determining Alimony

Attorney Nelson Cutter explains what may determine the amount of spousal support that will be ordered.
Additional Factors Determining Alimony

Mr. Cutter goes over more issues that can affect the amount of alimony one receives or will have to pay.
Domestic Violence and Alimony

Nelson Cutter speaks about domestic violence and your eligibility to receive spousal support.
Gender and Spousal Support

Mr. Cutter explains that both women and men can be subject to paying and/or receiving spousal support.
Child Custody

Family Law Attorney Nelson Cutter explains how custody of children is determined by the courts.
Child Support

Mr. Cutter discusses the set calculations used to determine child support.
Father's Rights

Nelson Cutter discusses the rights of a father when determining child custody and visitation.

Attorney Matthew Lax discusses the importance of having an attorney to sort out paternity issues such as custody, visitation and child support.
Types of Property

Mr. Cutter speaks about the two types of property and assets belonging to each party in a divorce.
Community Property

Attorney Nelson Cutter defines the term community property and explains how that property is divided after a dissolution of marriage.
Equitable Distribution

Nelson Cutter explains that there are very few circumstances that can affect an equal division of marital property.
Disclosing Property

Mr. Cutter speaks about the legal obligation of both parties to disclose all property and assets during a divorce proceeding.
Changing Divorce Agreements

Nelson Cutter explains how you may be able to change or modify alimony or support agreements when circumstances in your life change.
Alimony and Support Modifications

Attorney Matthew Lax speaks about changing the amount of child or spousal support you are required to pay if you have lost your job or are receiving less income.
Step-Parent Adoption

Family Law Attorney Nelson Cutter discusses step-parent adoptions.
Victim of Domestic Violence

Attorney Matthew Lax explains what you should do if you are a victim of domestic violence.
Restraining Orders

Matthew Lax speaks about how a restraining order can help protect you against abuse and harassment.
Types of Restraining Orders

Matthew Lax discusses the two most common types of restraining orders.
Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Matthew Lax discusses domestic violence restraining orders.
Emergency Protective Order

Mr. Lax discusses how he can help a victim of domestic violence after an emergency protective order expires.
Civil Harassment Restraining Order

Attorney Matthew Lax discusses civil harassment restraining orders.

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