Track Palin's Divorce Settlement

Track Palin, the son of former vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is currently in the process of filing for divorce. The young man married his high school sweetheart last year, but already they have chosen to terminate the marriage and go their own ways. According to TMZ, the couple filed for divorce jointly on December 1, 2012 and they have been separated ever since.

They hammered out the details of their settlement alone without the need for court intervention. The 23-year-old husband will be able to keep his $1,000 gun collection and will continue possession of his $30,000 bank account. His ex-wife will walk away with her $2,500 bank account and her $4,000 jewelry collection. She will also keep physical custody of the couple’s young daughter, Kyla. Track will still have joint custody of the 1-year-old with his wife, even though the child will live with her mother.

Track’s former wife Britta Hanson says that she is fine with the divorce and is hoping that it won’t take too long to get the papers filed. Because the couple was able to work together as they filed for divorce chances are that they will be able to avoid many complicated and long court battles. The couple will part ways with the possessions that are most important to them. In shorter marriages it is normally easier for a couple to split. This is because they have not accumulated a lot of joint property over the years that they have been together. Most of the couple’s possessions are all separate, so there are no large debates.

Whether you have been married for years or are only a few months into a marriage that is not what you expected, you should always hire a lawyer if you are about to negotiate a divorce settlement. Many family attorneys are even willing to work as mediators and help you to dissect your properties and determine the best way to split things. If you need more information about property division in divorce or about filing jointly to avoid complications with a divorce, then talk to a family law attorney at Cutter & Lax today!