Intriguing Reasons for Divorce

Most of the time, people file divorce citing irreconcilable differences. This is a vague and broad reason, simply stating that the couple could not resolve their conflicts and as a result they chose to dissolve the marriage. Most of the time, irreconcilable differences have to do with arguments surrounding how to raise the children, how to handle finances or how to deal with in-laws. Other times, the irreconcilable difference may have something to do with an extra-marital affair, or a spouse that has made work a priority over the marriage.

Yet in addition to these more "normal" reasons for divorce, there are some intriguing reasons that couples have split in the past. According to the Huffington Post, one man snored so loudly that his wife chose to file for divorce. In the filing, the exhausted wife claimed that she hadn't gotten a full night's sleep since they got married. The woman claimed that the lack of sleep caused her to fall ill, and she lost a significant amount of weight as a result. The divorce was granted, and the husband in the marriage was asked to pay his ex a settlement of upwards of $800.

In the past, one individual also filed a divorce against his wife for the same issue. The woman admitted during the trial that she had drugged her husband with sleeping pills during the earlier days of their marriage in order to prevent him from noticing her snoring habit. Whether your reason for divorce is excessive snoring or significant differences, you will want to have a San Fernando divorce attorney on your side when you file. You can contact Cutter & Lax by phone or e-mail if you want to learn more about the firm or how they can help you to file your necessary divorce settlement!