Valentine's Day Prompts Couples to Consider Divorce

For some couples, Valentine’s Day becomes a day of romance and charm. Many of these happy couples enjoy the day of flowers and chocolate and go on romantic dates. Yet for some couples, there are no sappy cards or creatively wrapped presents. In fact, some couples may even forget that Valentine’s Day exists. That’s why Avvo has observed that questions submitted to their legal advice website about divorce spike about 42 percent during the Valentine’s Day week. According to PR Newswire, Avvo is the web’s largest expert-only legal Q&A forum. On this website, dozens of knowledgeable lawyers are able to answer questions submitted by locals who are looking for more information.

The Vice President of Marketing for Avvo, a man with the initials L.M., says that he consistently sees a marked rise in the number of people searching for divorce lawyers around Valentine’s Day. A lot of people want to know whether or not they have the right to leave their spouse and what the consequences to this action could be. One Los Angeles divorce attorney says that around Valentine’s Day, many dissatisfied couples start questioning their relationships. Family lawyers say that they also get more questions about restraining orders during this time because some depressed or disillusioned individuals will try and come back to their ex-spouse or ex-lover in order to take him or her out for Valentine’s Day.

Because of this, many men and women will hire family lawyers in order to obtain a restraining order. If you want to learn more about restraining orders or divorce this holiday, then you can check out The Law Offices of Cutter & Lax to get assistance on your case. Both Attorney Nelson Cutter and Attorney Matthew Lax are listed on Avvo and can help to give you the legal advice you need. You can contact them through their website by filling out a free case evaluation form. The firm will then get back to you after they have read the details about your case and will guide you in telling you what sort of action you need to take.

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