Divorce Due to Disability

According to The New York Times, the divorce rate is higher among the disabled then it is among those who are considered of sound mind and body. In many cases, a spouse will become physically or mentally disabled after the wedding, and this change of events will put an extreme strain on the marriage. While some spouses are willing to honor their vow to love in sickness, the strain of disability is too much for some. If you are a physically or mentally disabled spouse that is in the process of a divorce, you can use your condition as a reason that you deserve compensation.

You can explain that your medical costs and the costs of hiring a caretaker when your spouse leaves will be high. The court may demand that your ex-spouse pay you for all of these expenses. If you are a parent that has become disabled during marriage, your spouse may argue that he or she deserves to care for the kids because it is physically straining for you to do so. Being physically disabled does not necessarily negate your ability to parent, so you will want to hire a San Fernando divorce attorney that can assert your opinion on this.

If your spouse used to work while you stayed home with the children despite your disability, then you can use this as evidence that you are able to care for the children. You can also show that you may be able to care for the children if you have a house-keeper or nanny to assist you. In some situations, the court may demand that your ex-spouse pay for a housekeeper or an in-house chef to assist you due to your disability. If you are currently going through a disability divorce you need to hire a compassionate and understand attorney at Cutter & Lax to help you today.