Father's Day and Father's Rights

Sunday is Father's Day and all across America children will be honoring their dads with cards and quality time together. If you are a father with shared custody of your children, then this could prove to be a difficult Father's Day if you don't have custody or visitation of the children on this special day. Chances are that you and your spouse operate on a custody schedule. If your spouse has the children this weekend, then you may miss your opportunity to spend Father's Day with the ones you love.

Thankfully, if you act fast you may be able to receive custody order compliance or use a letter from an attorney to get permission from the court to keep your children from the day. Courts like to acknowledge holiday visitations and preserve the children's relationship with their parents. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to petition for Father's Day visitation or custody and receive this special allowance for the holiday.

You will want to act on this immediately, as Father's Day is only six days away and it may be too late to petition for this visitation. Hire an attorney at Cutter & Lax today if you are a San Fernando Valley resident who is trying to get custody of the children over the weekend. Some courthouses will allow parents to modify their custody schedules so that the split amount of time stays equal while still allowing a father to care for his children on Father's Day. Hire a San Fernando family attorney today to get started. Child custody battles can get sticky and complicated, especially when spouses are commonly at odds with one another. You need to contact a lawyer immediately to get things settled in time for Father's Day!