Gray Divorce Facts

If you are currently going through a gray divorce, you are not alone. Gray divorces have increased quicker than any other area of divorce in the United States. In fact, data from 2009 shows that one-fourth of all married people over the age of 50 divorced. This is a dramatic increase when compared with the amount of over-50 divorces in 1990. That year, only one out of every ten couples over 50 called their marriage quits.

Researchers recently discovered that there are some common reasons that older couples may decide not to divorce. These include the fear of being alone, the fear of failing, and the dear of become financially destitute. Baby boomers also refrain from divorce because they are worried that they will never find another partner to share their life with, or because they will stay angry and bitter over time.

They refrain from divorce because they don't want to become depressed, or don't want to run the risk of losing visitation of or custody of the children. About 49% of all Baby Boomers report feeling overly stressed during divorce procedures, and about 28% of all baby boomers admit that they were depressed. Despite all of their fears, three out of every four individuals claim that they made the right decision after they divorce.

If you are in a difficult relationship, then it may be wisest to terminate the marriage rather than risk having a difficult lifetime with a spouse you do not particularly like. If you want more information about gray divorce or about divorce procedures, then contact a San Fernando divorce lawyer at Cutter & Lax today. You don't want to attempt the divorce procedure by yourself when you can have a seasoned professional there to take care of the logistics for you. With a lawyer from Cutter & Lax on your side, you will have the tools to complete your divorce with confidence.