Murdoch Multibillionaire Divorce Could Be Costly

Rupert Murdoch is a multibillionaire that is the head of News Corporation. He recently announced that he is going to split from his third wife, Wendi Murdoch because the marriage has broken down into an irretrievable state. When rich individuals like Murdoch file for divorce, the costs can be extreme. Many insiders did not expect that Murdoch would divorce from his wife of 14 years, even though the two live seemingly separate lives.

This is because they have two daughters, 11 and 9, to think about. As well, individuals claimed that 82-year-old Murdoch wouldn't divorce his wife because it would be too messy financially. Yet sources say that the divorce which was announced this week as Murdoch's idea, and that he filed in a New York Supreme Court.

Murdoch has been down the road of divorce before, and his last split from is former wide cost him $1.7 billion including a $110 million payment to his ex-wife in cash. High-cost divorces are common in Southern California, where many rich and powerful celebrities and business professionals amass their fortunes. If you are in an unhappy marriage, your fortune may be the thing that's restricting you from moving on. Because of your financial success, you may be wary of filing because your spouse may gather some of your earnings and take them with him or her at the termination of the marriage.

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