The Supreme Court Considers California Gay Marriage Ban

In California, gay couples can file for a domestic partnership and then experience all the state economic benefits of a marriage while using a different title. However, homosexual couples are not allowed to marry in the state. Back in 2008, the state of California created Proposition 8 to legalize gay marriage. It was struck down by voters, and all homosexual couples were denied the right to marry.

Now, gay rights advocates have gone to the Supreme Court, saying that the proposition should never have been put to a vote in the first place because it allowed people’s prejudice to determine whether or not other’s should have rights that they deserve. The Supreme Court took this complaint seriously, and the court is now reconsidering the gay marriage ban in California.

The case is significant not only for the state of California but for others which may choose to redefine the state standard of marriage if the Supreme Court does so in California. A gay couple in Burbank, California, Zarillo and Katami, are very interested in getting married and will testify in the Supreme Court in May 26 about their desire to see the proposition passed. The gay couple and their lawyers were the instigators of the massive plot that is being monitored by many media outlets.

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