Ways to De-Stress During Divorce

When you have just done through a divorce, life can seem stressful, If you are a part of a share custody arrangement, then there may be days that you do not have your children living in the home with you. This may be saddening for you and you may want to just relax and take your mind off of the fact that you are in a shared custody arrangement. There are many different ways to destress, but The Huffington Post compiled a list of ideas from real men and women who are in shared custody arrangements and need a way to pass the time when kids aren't home. Some parents say it is best to go to the gym, or to take a long nap while kids are gone.

Other spouses say that morning yoga is a great way to take off the edge and relax while the children are gone with the other parent. Other parents say that they often take day trips on the weekends that they don't have the children, or that they will grill and barbeque to pass te time. One parent says that she loves to hike on the days that the children are at her ex-husband's house. One mother says that she enjoys watching TV shows that are not for juveniles because when the children are home the children's TV shows are all that plays in the home.

If you can learn to enjoy the break away from your children in order to have some much-nneeded "you" time, it may end up proving that shared custody is a beneficial arrangement for you, Of course, if you are struggling with allowing your ex-spouse to have the children because you do not believe that this is a wise idea, then you may want to discuss your current situation with a family lawyer. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to argue for full custody of your child. Contact a divorce lawyer at Cutter & Lax today for more information.