The Expenses of Same-Sex Divorce

According to CNN, the cost of a same-sex divorce can be astronomical. Currently, same-sex couples who have managed to succeed in getting a governmentally recognized marriage have an extremely hard time getting a divorce after the marriage has been put in place. Right now, as many same-sex couples argue for the right to marry, other couples are fighting for the right to separate.

Particularly difficult are cases where a same-sex couple separates and one party moves to a state where the marriage is not recognized. Typically, states that don't recognize a legal marriage won't recognize a divorce either, leaving the couple in a difficult predicament. Many times same-sex couples who are in this situation will need to move back to the state where they were married, or will need to dissolve the marriage outside of court. Some states call this dissolution of marriage instead of a divorce. TI can be fairly expensive to complete this process.

In order to get an out-of-court dissolution, same-sex couples may need to file multiple civil action suits with a lawyer. Unfortunately, there is no trial or a judge to make a ruling, so couples can get stuck in negotiations for months without conclusions. This can cause attorney's fees to pile up. When children are involved, the costs of the same-sex divorce can be even steeper.

Custody battles can spike the expenses of a same-sex divorce as the two parties and their lawyers battle about how has the right to the children. Some attorneys say that in states where same-sex marriage is accepted, same-sex divorce is easier to complete. If you want more information about same-sex divorce or want to discuss a California same-sex divorce with a San Fernando divorce attorney, then Cutter & Lax may be able to assist you with your case! Contact them today!