Saturday is National Adoption Day!

November 23rd is considered National Adoption Day. This is a day to raise awareness for the 100,000 children in the American foster care system who are currently waiting to be placed in a home. According to the National Adoption Day Twitter account, more than 4,500 children will find their families on National Adoption Day.

The day is peppered with events throughout the country where adoption ceremonies are performed to finalize these adoptions. Over the years, about 44,500 children have been adopted on National Adoption Day. Many Americans assume that there are no orphans in the United States, but Adopt US Kids argues that there are approximately 104,000 children in the foster care system without parents.

If you are interested or are currently pursuing bringing a child out of foster care then you will want to talk with a San Fernando Divorce Attorney. Foster care adoptions are an intricate process that often involves social workers, interviews, paperwork, and more. Sometimes it is best to hire a lawyer to assist you in your adoption if you run into complications. In some cases, adoptive parents may even need legal assistance to battle biological parents who may change their mind halfway through the adoption process.

At Cutter & Lax, there are compassionate and patient attorneys that are willing to assist you in your case. These lawyers know how to strategically work through the adoption process and negotiate for your benefit. You may want assistance battling former custodians who may want custody of the child, or may just need a helping hand when filling out all the paperwork to adopt your foster child.

Social workers look for potential parents who are stable, mature, dependable and flexible during the adoption process, and also want to make sure that the parents will work well with the child welfare workers. Parents do not need to own a home, by young, have children already, be wealthy or be a stay-at-home parent to adopt. If you want to learn more about adoption then contact a lawyer at the firm today!