Emotional Affairs a Cause for Divorce

Physical affairs naturally cause divorces, but so can emotional affairs. In some cases, emotional affairs can result in serious emotional situations and eventually even lead to depression and the devastation of the marriage. Emotional affairs happen when a partner develops a close bond with someone else, even if they do not have a sexual relationship. Emotional affairs typically start with a casual friendship that then creates a sort of emotional infidelity between spouses.

Marriages are typically built on strong emotional connections between two people. When one of those people drifts outside the circumference of the marriage, then this can ruin the trust that the marriage is placed upon. Emotional affairs are easy to conduct in these technological times. Individuals can use the internet, mobile phones, and other technologies to complete their emotional affair. If your spouse has cheated on you emotionally, and you would like to move on, then you need to contact an Encino divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax to assist you with your case today. With the right attorney on your side you will be capable of tackling your case right away.