What to Include in a Premarital Agreement

If you are getting married soon, it is important that you draft a premarital agreement. This will help you to negotiate through any issues prior to your marriage, and will provide a solution if you choose to divorce your spouse later on in life. While premarital agreements or prenuptial agreements are not very romantic, they are a very practical and wise step.

There are a host of things you may want to include in a prenuptial agreement. It is always wisest to hire a divorce attorney to assist you as you draft this document and to make sure that it is enforceable. Also, and attorney can work with you to make sure that you don't forget anything important. One of the important details you will want to include is taxes. Do you plan to file jointly or separately after marriage? If you file jointly, then your finances will be intertwined for tax purposes. It is important to be clear on what your attitudes and opinions are in regards to paying taxes.

You will also want to determine how you will handle any large gifts that are given to one spouse from a family member. For example, some parents may choose to assist their son and daughter in covering the down payment on a house. It is important to make clear what kind of gift this is and whether one spouse or the couple are the recipients of the gift as a whole.

Couples also need to determine how they would handle any jointly owned businesses in the event of a split. If you own a joint business, it is essential that this be written into a prenuptial agreement to avoid the termination of the business. If you want more information or want to start creating a prenuptial agreement then contact a San Fernando divorce attorney at Cutter & Lax today!