What Traits should my Divorce Attorney Possess?

When you are preparing to file for divorce, there are a number of admirable characteristics you should look for before determining the attorney that will represent you. Your lawyer should have the ability to represent you effectively and efficiently—regardless of if your divorce calls for mediation, negotiation, or vigorous litigation in a family court.

When it comes to your divorce, make sure the attorney you retain is:

  • Proactive: a proactive attorney will always have strategies prepared, and will be ready for any course of action that the opposing counsel may take.
  • Willing to negotiate: the divorce process can be greatly simplified if the separating spouses are able to dissolve their marriage through collaboration or mediation. Attorneys that put in the extra effort to help their clients reach solutions amicably can help their clients without having to spend additional time or money in court.
  • Approachable: your attorney should be easy to talk to and prompt in responding to your calls and emails. Divorce is a very personal process to go through, and you should feel comfortable communicating with the lawyer you hire.
  • Skilled in problem-solving: to have the ability to help you get favorable results, your attorney must possess problem-solving skills. They strive to help you come up with an amicable solution, but will not stray away from taking your case to trial if your divorce must be resolved through litigation.
  • Assertive: if your lawyer has plenty of experience and a proven track record of success, they should be able to represent you confidently and effectively—whether it is in or out of the courtroom.

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