More Women Divorced in 2013

More and more women are initiating divorces throughout the United States. IN July of 2013, Bowling Green State University's National Center for Marriage and Family Research discovered that 15 percent of women in the U.S. are divorce or separated today. This is compared with less than one percent of women that were divorced or separated n the year 1920.

With women's rights declared and the feminist movement past, more and more women feel free to initiate or remain divorced after they have suffered a frustrating marriage. Instead of submitting to a husband's headship, the woman may choose to leave her husband. The study also discovered that the tendency towards remarriage is dropping with less women remarrying after they have separated.

A report published by the American Law and Economics Review in 2000 reported that women are now responsible for filing 2/3 of divorces in the United States. Woman aren't the only demographic that has had an upwards trend divorce filings. In addition to this, elderly men and women are ending their marriages more frequently.

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