Will Cohabitating before Marriage Increase my Chances of Divorce?

Whether or not living together with your future spouse before marriage is a good idea is a common debate amongst many people. Many couples believe that living together before marriage is the practical thing to do. By doing so, partners have the ability to get an idea of what life will be like once the union has been made official. The couples believe that they are giving their relationship a true test of if they can last living under the same roof. Couples can ensure that they are truly compatible with one another, and each partner can be confident that their significant other is the person they would want to live with for the rest of their lives.

Approximately 50% of couples who choose to live together before marriage will end up getting married at some point, while the other half does not. This is because the other half is perfectly content living together as if they were married, without having to deal with the formalities of an actual marriage.

Couples that choose to cohabitate before marriage may take away from the surprise and novelty that marriage is meant to cause. Since their relationship is less formal than marriage, they may not be as willing to keep their relationship intact as a legally bound couple is. In fact, some studies show that couples that cohabitate before marriage have a higher divorce rate and potential for long-term separation.

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