Will Taking Antidepressants Hurt Your Chances of Custody?

Divorce can be a difficult time in your life, and many divorcees are susceptible to depression. As a result, many divorcees may decide to get antidepressants to help them fight these symptoms. There is a common myth that antidepressants will hurt your chances of child custody because of your "dependency" on a medication and your "health" as evidenced by your depression.

While you may hear this in social circles, legally this claim has no merit. In fact, the courts respect that individuals are trying to fight depression with the appropriate medications. It's not unusual for a parent to get treatment for a psychological conditions and emotional issues. Courts may be more hesitant to award custody to a person who does not have their condition under control and is not interested in taking medication. Talk with a San Fernando divorce attorney about your medication use and how it could affect child custody in your particular situation.