Who Gets the Kids for Spring Break?

Spring break is almost here, and which parent is going to be caring for the kids during this week that they are off school? Some parents in co-parenting arrangements may decide to stick with their typical schedule. This may mean that one parent gets the child for half of the week, and the other parent gets the child for the other half. If parents do decide that they want to switch things up a little for spring break, they may need to get a a lawyer involved.

For example, if one parent wishes to take the children on an out-of-state vacation, then he or she will definitely need to get a lawyer involved. This is because a without a lawyer that parent may be violating terms of the divorce agreement which demand no interstate travel. The courts may assume that one parent is trying to kidnap the children by taking them out of town, and this can lead to serious court cases full of accusations.

A divorce attorney can help you to review your existing divorce agreement and see if anything inside of it determines the terms of spring break. Some parents will negotiate this break along with other holidays when arranging a custody schedule. If spring break was missed in the original arrangement, then you should carefully work with an attorney to determine the best choice for you and your family.

You may even need to go to court and file for a child custody modification in order to work out this complication. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help right away and get the sound, trustworthy information that you need with a competent and professional divorce lawyer in San Fernando on your side. Call today to learn more about how we can help!