How Facebook Activity Affects Marriage

Studies have shown that excessive Facebook usage and activity has been linked to conflicts within a relationship. Not only can Facebook be used to easily reconnect with former friends and partners, but the actions a person takes on Facebook may cause jealousy in a current relationship.

Facebook Activity as a Relationship Indicator

As more and more divorce filings indicate that Facebook played a role in the breakdown of the marriage, here are some subtle things a person may be doing on Facebook to damage their relationship:

  • Checking Facebook on a phone instead of having a conversation when a couple is out
  • Caring more about what extended networks are doing rather than appreciating what is occurring at that present moment
  • Not liking the other spouse's online activity often enough
  • Liking statuses of a person outside of the relationship too often
  • Adding friends that the spouse is uncomfortable with
  • Having an overly-attractive or suggestive profile photo
  • Open privacy settings that shares information with outside parties

Much of the activity on Facebook that can negatively affect a marriage concerns communication between a couple. When Facebook becomes a bigger priority than having a conversation with a partner, a person can feel alienated and jealous.

Creating the appearance of disinterest is another way Facebook can cause problems. When a person does not like their partner's photos or activity, it can send the message that they are not interested in that person at all. Conversely, if a person focuses a lot of Facebook energy on another person's profile, it suggests that they are excessively interested in that individual.

For active Facebook users, how they portray themselves on social media and outside of it can have a dramatic effect on their relationship. If social media is causing a problem in the marriage, delete Facebook profiles to spend more time communicating with the other partner, or contact a therapist.

Relationships are complicated and there are many things that can cause conflict and often brokenness. If you find yourself in that situation, Cutter & Lax is here to walk you through the divorce process. Give our experienced attorneys a call today!