New California Law Empowers Victims of Domestic Violence

A new California law is making it easier for those who have been a victim of domestic violence to get away from their abuser and begin a life for themselves, specifically undocumented immigrants.

State Law AB 60

New state law AB 60 allows all those who live in California to apply for a driver's license.. The Department of Motor Vehicles will change the type of identification required to obtain a license, thereby reducing the need for a Social Security number if other documentation proving identity and residency can be established.

Those that face abuse are likely to leave identifying documentation behind them when they leave an abusive home. Now, other records of identity will be accepted in order to support these victims.

Examples of identifying factors that the DMV will consider in establishing identity are:

  • Church records
  • Statements from community organizations
  • Domestic violence and homeless shelter statements
  • Public agency verifications
  • School transcripts
  • Marriage certificates

The role that a driver's license can have in the hands of someone who has been abused is immense. A license allows a person to assert independence, obtain jobs away from the immediate vicinity, find new housing, and can even increase their access to shelters.

Victims of domestic violence can feel helpless, which is why the new state law is designed tohelp these individuals gain some control over their lives. If you or someone you love is in a domestic violence situation, contact authorities immediately. A family law attorney can further help take care of family affairs and compile documents to prove state residency. Contact Cutter & Lax today.